I pledge to Vote Leave.

I pledge to Vote Leave because the European Union’s journey from trading block to political project is a process that has cost us our sovereignty, diminished our democracy and impeded our economic capacity.

It is a process that has resulted in a diminished continent beset by instability, limping its way from self induces crisis to self induced crisis and where unelected and uncountable elites have far too much power and influence.

Europe deserves and can do better than the EU. Britain deserves and can do better than the EU. That is what this whole campaign boils down to. Whether or not you think we are good enough to succeed and do better outside the EU.

I believe we can do better, not just because we are the 5th largest economy in the world, have 4th largest military budget, are the globe’s foremost soft power or because London is the capital of the world and we have the best universities but because I have faith In the creativity, resolve, intrinsic sense of fairness and the irrepressible strength of the British people.

Remain have run a campaign of fear to scare people into believing that we just cant’ do it. They say Brexit would destroy “Western political civilization.” I don’t believe them. Why don’t it? I don’t believe them because outside of the EU there are over 100 countries surviving, indeed thriving as independent sovereign democracies. Canada and New Zealand are just wo examples. They negotiate more and better trade deals than the EU, they control their own taxes and have fairer fishing and immigration policies but most importantly they have control over who makes their laws. They control their own destiny.

It is time to create an immigration system that discriminates based only on skills and what you’ve got to offer, not where you were born.

Its time we spend our money on our priorities, not on funding the gold plated perk of EU officials.

Its time we took back control of our territorial waters and supported our fishermen.

Its time for us to reject the pessimism that says we have no option but to remain, unshackle ourselves from this declining regional block and get back out into a world that is now more than ever going global.

Europe deserves better than the EU. Britain deserves and can do better than the EU. The first step in achieving better things is to get up, get out and Vote to leave the European Union.

Vote Leave 2


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