My thoughts and prayers are with the family and the loved ones of all the victims of Wednesday’s cowardly attack and I wish a speedy recovery to all who have been injured.

Throughout my time working in Westminster the Police and other security staff were absolutely brilliant. They stuck to the rules and made sure you did but were always friendly and ready to help in any way they could. They were some of the funniest and most hard working people on the estate. That one officer, PC Keith Palmer was brutally murdered whilst protecting friends and old colleagues is just awful beyond words. You simply can’t give them enough credit for all they do.

Parliament has gone ahead and sat at its usual time today and to me that is the best way to stick two fingers up at at all those who seek to destroy our way of life. Terror only succeeds when we let it and if there’s one thing this country is good it’s not letting evil little men with evil ideas win. We owe it to the victims to continue to overcome by living our lives to the fullest and holding to the values others seek to strip away.


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