Austerity Is NOT To Blame For Terrorism.

Blaming recent attacks on austerity isn’t just pure electioneering it’s total and utter rubbish. There is absolutely no evidence what so ever that austerity or front line policing cuts have in any way contributed to either attack.

The anti terror budget has not just been protected but increased, there is an ongoing recruitment drive for more armed police, there are ongoing talks to amalgamate armed officer branches to maximise efficiency, government has ensured the Prevent strategy has seen a huge boost in funding and the armed forces have been restructured over a number of years to focus on threats like these at home and abroad.

The key weapon in the fight against terrorism is information gathering and that is largely down to MI5, MI6, DI, GCHQ and the prevent strategy which have foiled 5 plots since March alone. British intelligence is famed throughout the world for being exceptionally good and a huge part of that is a more than adequate financial and legislative response to counter terrorism from this government and the ones preceding it.

Units involved in counter terrorism have been properly funded, provided with the right equipment and given the legal jurisdiction to act appropriately. If you want to play politics with Manchester & London consider the views of Corbyn, Abbott & McDonnell when it comes to Mi5, the IRA, Mi6, Hamas, defence spending, counter terrorism legislation, shoot to kill policy and armed police and then please please please stop spewing ignorance.

I am not going to pontificate on the cause or terror or the solution to Radical Islamic terrorism but please, stop believing everything you see on social media. Do a bit of research for yourselves. Get informed.

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