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photo-004photo-015In the summer of 2013 i went on a trip to Ethiopia organised through my then 6th form. 

The Diary

1967: The Conservative Record

It's too often ignored just how big a part some Conservatives played in the fight to decriminalise homosexual acts in 1967.

Same Sex Marriage – The Quadruple Lock Explained

An explanation of the protections for religious organisations not wishing to perform Same Sex Marriages.

CC (2013) – Freezing Energy Prices

Another post I wrote for the Conservative Companion, this on on the topic of Ed Miliband’s much maligned Energy Price...

CC (2012) – Police and Crime Commissioners.

One of the first articles I ever wrote.


Some thoughts and observations on the Election.

Conservative Achievements Since 2010

A few successes of the Conservative government.

Austerity Is NOT To Blame For Terrorism.

Blaming recent attacks on austerity isn't just pure electioneering it's total and utter rubbish.


We owe it to the victims to continue to overcome by living our lives to the fullest and holding to the values others seek to strip away.

3. The Life Peerages Act 1958

The Life Peerage Act revitalised the House of Lords.

2. The Parliament Act 1949

The Act further reduced the power of the House of Lords to block and delay legislation.